Biden CONFUSED – Can’t Say Even THIS!

President Joe Biden’s lack of facility with the English language is becoming harder to conceal—and harder to ignore. This week, while giving a formal speech from a podium with a teleprompter, he seemed to lose the ability to string a sentence together, as well as his awareness of where he was and why.

The latest public gaffe came as Biden took the podium at a New Hampshire even on Wednesday to make some remarks on the effects of the PACT act, a 2022 law intended to help US Veterans more easily access government benefits. Specifically, the PACT Act was targeted towards ailing veterans who had been exposed to toxic substances—such as Agent Orange, burn pits, etc.–during their terms of service. It expanded medical and disability coverage available to veterans who fought in the Gulf War, Vietnam, and in all the post-9/11 operations for the various fronts of the Global War on Terror. It also provided additional funding for staff education, toxic exposure-related treatment, and research, according to the VA website.

Unfortunately for Biden, when he attempted to give an address championing the above information, his remarks were remarkable for reasons other than he may have wished. He found himself having trouble even uttering the phrase: “I signed the PACT act into law.” Instead of “PACT Act,” he uttered gibberish.

Video of the humiliating moment naturally went viral on social media, boosted both by Republican activist groups and embarrassed Democrats trying to rally the troops to a November win in spite of Biden’s apparently decaying faculties.

The social media pile-on was merciless. Corinne Clark Barron, co-founder of FreePressFail, characterized Biden’s gibberish “Asjiojfeijgergewefhahohoiore” as title of “the landmark legislation” of the administration.

Commentator Kevin Dalton took displayed great glee when he pointed out that even the transcription services hired to cover the event were stumped.

As November nears, the way that the social media crowd at large decides to capitalize on Biden’s cognitive difficulties may prove key to how the election turns out.