Biden DOJ Wants Contempt Charges For Trump Staffers

( Following their failure to comply with a May subpoena to turn over classified documents, the legal counsel for former President Donald Trump is now being held in contempt of court, according to the Biden Department of Justice.

According to the Washington Post, which cites an unnamed source, the DOJ’s lawyers demanded that US district court Judge Beryl Howell hold Trump’s legal team in contempt of court.

The documents had previously been sought after by the Justice Department through an August raid on Trump’s Mar a Lago residence.

The FBI gathered evidence indicating — and later confirmed through a court-authorized search — that many more remained, according to WaPo. The request came after months of mounting frustration from the Justice Department with Trump’s team, which peaked in June after the Trump team’s assurances that “a diligent search had been conducted for classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago Club and residence.”

According to a source, Trump’s legal team has declined to name a custodian of records to sign a document guaranteeing that all materials were returned to the government.

Trump spokesman Steven Cheung informed the Washington Post that his attorneys “continue to be cooperative and transparent.”

He also said, “this is the most extreme political witch hunt this country has ever seen.”

A list of the items seized in the FBI raid was previously made public in September because it was unclear whether or not a “special master” would be assigned to review the documents. Finally, the special master was made available.

According to Libby Emmons’ article for The Post Millennial, “33 items were listed as part of Exhibit A, with an accounting of what was contained within each item.” The remaining 17 boxes contained either personal items, such as gifts or books, government documents without classification labels, or press materials, such as newspapers and magazines.

Of the 33 boxes, 16 contained marked Secret, Top Secret, or Confidential documents.