Biden Entertains Celebrities Over His Art As Ethics Questions Remain

( We’ve already reported plenty on the Hunter Biden art show story, and how the novice “artist” is expected to sell his works at a New York City show for hundreds of thousands of dollars. And now, it’s finally happening.

On Friday, Hunter Biden hosted his first-ever art exhibition, starting in Hollywood, California. It went ahead despite widespread concerns about possible corruption, with buyers using their purchases as a way of gaining access to the Biden family…and the Biden administration.

The event was hosted by Georges Beres, a well-known New York art dealer who has worked with Hunter Biden from the beginning to first of all pitch him as an artist – which he’s not – and to sell his artwork to willing rich buyers. Some 200 celebrities turned up to the event, including boxing star Sugar Ray Leonard, singer Moby, and artist Shepard Fairey.

Fairey is an actual artist, and the one behind the well-known “HOPE” poster of controversial former President Barack Obama.

The event comes ahead of his show at Berges’ Soho, Manhattan gallery later on in October. While the purchasers are technically going to be kept anonymous, in a transparent attempt to make it look as though they care about protecting against potential corruption, Hunter Biden will be allowed to mingle with the guests as they look at the “art” and express their interest in buying it.

Some of his art is set to sell for as much as $500,000 per painting, but many have predicted that they will sell for significantly more than that.

When President Joe Biden was asked about the potential (and likelihood) that this could result in corruption, he brushed off reporters and carried on walking.

Can you imagine if this was the Trump family profiting from being in the White House?

President Trump lost money!