Biden Has A List Of Potential 2024 Leaders To Help His Campaign 

( According to a report, President Joe Biden has finalized the essential aspects of his 2024 candidacy, including selecting his campaign manager from among the top candidates. 

Biden has not formally declared a second run for the presidency, but he is generally anticipated to soon. Biden has dropped many hints that he plans to run. 

An online publication reports that Jenn Ridder, who served in Biden’s presidential campaign in 2020, is one of Biden’s top picks for his next campaign chief. 

According to the same source, Biden is also considering hiring Sam Cornale, the current executive director for the Democratic National Committee (DNC). 

The list also includes Julie Chavez Rodriguez, who worked as Biden’s deputy campaign manager in 2020 and is now a senior adviser in the White House. 

But members of his own party feel he shouldn’t run in 2024 since, by the conclusion of his second term, he would be 86 years old.  It is a fact that even Biden-friendly periodicals often point out. 

Biden was examined at Walter Reed Medical Hospital last month. [Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]According to Kevin O’Connor, the president’s attending physician, he has concluded that at age 80, Biden is physically capable of carrying out his responsibilities as chief of staff without any limitations. The doctor also advised Biden to take medication for his coughing issue.  Weeks later, Biden underwent the removal of a cancerous lesion from his chest. 

A report shows many of Biden’s detractors remain unconvinced. His medical examination has become the punchline to jokes about his age and perceived mental dementia.   

There is constant discussion about Biden’s health. He has been ridiculed for falling off his bike and how he wanders off when not accompanied by a handler.  

The report reveals that former White House physician and current Republican congressman Ronnie Jackson thinks the White House is covering up Biden’s mental health since it’s not mentioned anywhere in the report.  He has written the White House several times, requesting that they conduct a cognitive test on  President Biden and publicize the findings.