Biden Hints At Meeting With China Soon

( The President of the United States, Joe Biden, and the President of China, Xi Jinping, have not spoken directly since March, but that may change before the month is up.

Biden said he will likely “be talking to President Xi within the next ten days.” He was speaking to the media on Wednesday at Joint Base Andrews, a day after he gave a Massachusetts climate change lecture.

Biden’s remark on Wednesday aligns with his media tease from last month when the president intimated he’d have contact “soon” with Xi following his committed responsibilities overseas. Biden was speaking about the recent G-7 Summit in Germany and the contentious trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia.

During his term as president, Donald Trump placed a high priority on negotiating protectionist trade agreements with a number of major nations, including China. Among these nations was China.

President Trump frequently lamented that the United States had a trade imbalance with China in the amount of $500 billion. The renegotiated tariffs were an attempt to repair the United States’ balance sheet.

Who knows until we find out whether or not Biden will bring back the tariffs that Trump imposed on China?

In prior months, President Biden has shown public interest in the possibility of lowering tariffs placed on Chinese imports as a method of reducing inflation. This idea is rumored to have been met with resistance from American labor organizations.

If and when the two presidents speak with one another, there is a possibility that tensions may be apparent between Biden and Xi. During his tour of Asia in May, President Biden made a public declaration of support for the island nation of Taiwan in the event that China launched an invasion of the area.
With that remark, the sovereignty of Taiwan over China has been formally acknowledged by the United States of America.

And when President Biden was in Japan, Russian and Chinese airplanes performed joint-patrol training operations in the same region near Tokyo. It was a 13-hour aerial exercise that Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi described as a “possible provocation” by both Moscow and Beijing.

During that stressful circumstance, Japan and South Korea allegedly rushed to deploy their respective warplane fleets while claiming that at least four Chinese and four Russian jets had infiltrated Japan’s air defense zone.

You’re doing a helluva job, Biden.