Biden Ignored Key Warning Before Disaster Struck

According to Rep. Mike McCaul (R-TX), the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the Biden administration failed to listen to warnings from US officials in Afghanistan in the lead-up to the president’s withdrawal from the country in 2021, The New York Post reported.

Last Tuesday, McCaul, along with ranking Democrat Gregory Meeks (D-NY), viewed a State Department “dissent cable” which detailed concerns from US diplomats at the embassy in Kabul about the Afghanistan withdrawal.

McCaul, who had fought for months to access the dissent cable through subpoenas and ultimately a threat of contempt of Congress charges against Secretary of State Blinken, told Punchbowl News that the diplomats who sent the dissent cable “deserve a medal,” adding they “were absolutely right” about what would happen and what the administration “needed to do.”

He added that because the Biden administration failed to “heed all their warnings,” “we got what we got.”

The State Department only allowed McCaul and Meeks to view a copy of the dissent cable with the names of the diplomats redacted.

For his part, Democrat Congressman Meeks downplayed the dissent cable, claiming that it contained no new information. He said the cable “puts to rest” McCaul’s quest for a subpoena and his claim that President Biden “is hiding something or whatever it is.”

For months, Secretary of State Antony Blinken stonewalled Chairman McCaul’s attempts to obtain the dissent cable, ignoring several subpoena deadlines. Blinken offered to simply brief the Foreign Affairs committee on the contents of the cable instead of providing the document itself.

McCaul only gained access to the cable after threatening to hold Secretary Blinken in contempt of Congress over his stonewalling. However, the State Department refused to make the cable available to every member of the committee.

On Wednesday, McCaul initially threatened to move forward with contempt of Congress if the committee as a whole was not granted access to the cable. However, it is unclear if he will pursue his threats.