Biden In Private Talks To Prop Up Venezuela

( With President Biden barring the import of Russian oil and gas into the US over totalitarian dictator Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the White House has begun begging other totalitarian dictatorships to pick up the slack.

The administration sent a delegation of US officials to Venezuela over the weekend to negotiate with totalitarian dictator Nicolás Maduro’s regime. Before the socialists destroyed Venezuela and US sanctions were imposed, it was once a top oil exporter to the US.

In short, Biden wants to trade one dictator for another dictator.

The White House is also floating the possibility of using the re-negotiated Iran nuclear deal as a vehicle for lifting sanctions on Iranian oil to make up for the loss of Putin’s oil.

What they aren’t doing is lifting the sanctions Biden imposed on the US energy sector to return the United States to energy independence.

On Wednesday, led by Florida Congressman Scott Franklin, about 20 House Republicans introduced a bill to block the White House from importing Venezuelan oil.

Franklin told Fox News this week that Biden is more interested in buying oil from a dictator like Maduro than he is in supporting domestic oil production, adding that the White House is replacing “one dictator with another.”

After Venezuela’s illegitimate elections in 2018, the US imposed crippling fines and sanctions on the Maduro regime. But on Wednesday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken suggested that the United States might be considering reestablishing ties with Caracas. Blinken argued that the US has an interest in “maintaining a steady supply of energy.”

But the Biden administration cozying up to Caracas isn’t just facing criticism from Republican lawmakers. Democrats are also none too happy about the move.

On Monday, Democrat New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee blasted the White House’s overtures to Venezuela, calling Maduro a “cancer to our hemisphere” and arguing that the United States shouldn’t be breathing new life “into his reign of torture and murder.”

According to a Rasmussen Reports survey on Monday, 70 percent of Americans favor increasing US oil and gas production while a mere 18 percent oppose the move.