Biden Is Welcoming 3 Migrants for Every 4 Births In U.S.

( According to the Department of Homeland Security information, President Joe Biden’s border policy has allowed 1.15 million migrants to pass the border since October 2021 despite the ongoing anti-epidemic Title 42 border barrier.

A number of legal justifications were used to allow the 1.15 million economic migrants to enter the border. Around 500,000 more migrants searching for work have joined them and snuck or pushed past Biden’s small force of disinterested border guards.

Moreover, half of the two million migrants who landed at the border made up the 1.15 million migrants. Few of them were flown home, which is why several migrants who were turned away were eventually able to cross the border clandestinely.

This month, a further 150,000 migrants are anticipated to arrive.

In addition, one million legal immigrants, visa workers, and job seekers posing as short-term travelers had been accepted by Biden’s deputies at the same time. These immigrants own green cards, H-1B, L-1, J-1, TN, F-1, B-1/B-2 visas, or both.

Accordingly, three migrants are added due to Biden’s enormous flood for every four Americans born this year.

For every four Americans who turn 18 this year, three immigrants from abroad arrive due to his deluge.

President Donald Trump, in comparison, only permitted 253,000 migrants to cross the border in 2020. Additionally, he reduced the number of legal immigrants and workers on visas.

Greater than 100 million working Americans now have the tight labor market they require to demand higher salaries, more technological investment, and better working conditions in 2020 and 2021, thanks to that low-migration strategy.
Naturally, Biden’s migration is putting pressure on American workers’ pay. Additionally, it is driving up inflation for a wide range of items, including used cars and food, as well as rentals and housing costs.

The enormous exodus is also distorting everyday politics. Democrats, for instance, assert that Americans’ efforts to defend their economic and citizenship rights in the face of a wave of international economic migrants are motivated by bigotry.

Similarly, GOP lawmakers try to divert attention from immigration’s economic impact on Americans by focusing on other issues like migrant crime, disorder, and drug smuggling.

The nation’s political and corporate leaders, who stand to benefit economically from the massive immigration, embrace it.

The economic impact of President Joe Biden’s policy of partially open borders is being felt in Washington, D.C., and other parts of the U.S. communities. Americans with less education struggle to make ends meet due to an influx of white-collar migrants. One in five Black residents live in poverty, and one in five Hispanic residents is below the poverty line. The poll shows that the GOP has a 17-point advantage in support of immigration and a 36-point lead on border concerns compared to the Democrats.

Migration undercuts workers’ employment rights and increases the economic divide between the GOP heartland and southern states for access to cheap labor and the Democratic coastal states for cheap labor. The influence of Americans over elites is diminished by an economy driven by extraction migration.