Biden Leaves To Visit Wounded Afghanistan Victims As Polling Numbers Collapse

( With his approval numbers cratering over the catastrophe in Afghanistan that resulted in the deaths of 13 US service members, not to mention his disastrous visit with the grieving families at Dover Air Force Base, Joe Biden was in desperate need of some favorable optics.

And just like his former boss Barack Obama, Joe knows that the military make for great optics.

So last Thursday the President and his wife Jill took an unscheduled evening visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to visit the fifteen Marines wounded in the Kabul terrorist attack.

This is somewhat like an arsonist deciding to pay a visit to the firemen injured while fighting the fire he set.

But after the humiliation Biden endured during his visit to Dover, the White House played it smart this time around. The 2-hour visit at Walter Reed was closed to the press.

Without the press there, nobody could report on whether or not Joe invoked the name of his dead son Beau during his visit with the wounded Marines. But given the fact that Beau was treated at Walter Reed during his struggle with cancer, the odds that Biden mentioned him are probably pretty good.

On Friday Operation Save Biden’s Approval Numbers With Favorable Optics continued as the President traveled to Louisiana to tour the devastation from Hurricane Ida.

That visit got off to a rocky start when photographers captured images of what appeared to be cheat sheets stuffed in the President’s back pocket that provided pictures, names, and titles of the people he was supposed to meet with.

With those two staged expressions of “empathy and compassion” behind him, one again Joe and the Missus traveled from Washington to Delaware to enjoy the Labor Day weekend.

If the goal was to goose his approval ratings higher, perhaps capping off these two trips with yet another trip to Delaware wasn’t the best idea – especially in light of the fact that Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan.

Friday’s trip marked the President’s twentieth visit to Delaware since he took office.