Biden Loses Favor In California For First Time In Presidency

A statewide survey released on Wednesday showed that President Joe Biden is unpopular with California voters for the first time in his presidency. Among California residents, 52% express disapproval of President Joe Biden’s job performance, while 44% express approval; this is a significant shift from earlier this year, when 57% expressed approval and only 39% expressed disapproval. Within his party, Biden’s popularity has plunged dramatically, especially among women, Latinxs, Asians, and Californians under the age of 40. His policies on immigration and inflation have dissatisfied voters the most.

According to a study conducted at the end of last month among registered voters across the state, 52% of respondents disapprove of Biden’s job performance, while only 44% approve. These numbers were 34% disapproval and 62% approval in April 2021, after Biden took office. According to the Berkeley IGS poll, Biden’s popularity rating has fallen 13 points since February. Most residents approve of Biden only in the San Francisco Bay Area (56% to 40%).

The poll data come amid anxiety about Biden’s chances in the 2024 race. According to a New York Times and Siena College poll published earlier this week, former President Donald Trump is currently polling higher than President Joe Biden in five of the six states seen as crucial to winning the presidency in 2024. The survey results imply that in 2020, Biden’s lead over Trump in California would be cut in half, from 46% to 31%.

The current CNN survey shows the president trailing GOP frontrunner Trump by four percentage points, and Biden’s dismal results are the latest negative polling news for the president. While IGS co-director Eric Schickler concedes that “Biden is in no danger of losing California,” he notes that the president’s poor popularity ratings highlight the “serious issues” the president confronts in bolstering support from his party’s base and winning over swing votes. It’s a huge red flag for his nationwide campaign.