Biden Official Comes Up With Pathetic Excuse For Failing Economy

It’s not a secret that the American economy isn’t doing so well. While certain datasets may show that everything is OK, millions of everyday Americans are struggling with high cost of goods and lower salaries.

Yet, in typical Biden administration fashion, the White House is placing the blame on the state of the economy on prior administrations.

Recently, Michael Tyler, a campaign official for President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign, said that Americans have had to work multiple jobs just to get by and are still struggling financially because of MAGA Republicans.

Appearing on the CNN program “First of All with Victor Blackwell” last Saturday, Tyler was asked about previous comments by Biden, who said that Americans shouldn’t be forced to work multiple jobs to just remain above the poverty line. He responded:

“That’s precisely why we need another four years to continue to finish the job, right? I think it’s important, too, that the president, of course, wants to get all of this done.

“But, we have to be honest about the brick wall of MAGA extremism that we continue to run into when we’re trying to get things done for the American people.”

He then specifically referred to recent data from the Department of Labor, which showed that almost 8.4 million people in the country are working two jobs at least at the time. That marks the highest number of people in that situation since back in 2019 – the year before the pandemic began.

Tyler then argued that Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris need another four years leading Washington so they can “get the work done” for the American people in the economy.

As he suggested:

“Are we going to continue the work to build an economy that grows and the middle out and the bottom up? Or, do we want to return to the failed trickle down economic policies that Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans put into place for generations?

“This is the work that we have to do over the next four years. The president understands the challenges. He understands people’s concerns, and he is doing the work to solve them. And, so we have to make sure that everybody gets out and votes on November 2024, so we can get the work done.”

It’s certainly not out of the ordinary for any president or their staff to blame other administrations for the current state of affairs – whether it’s with the economy or any other major issue. It’s much easier to blame the people who came before you for the challenges you are facing rather than admitting that you’re a contributor to it.

However, it’s very obvious that the Trump administration, and MAGA Republicans still in Washington, are not to solely blame for the economic hardships that many Americans are facing.

The Biden administration doesn’t have a lot to show for progress in regard to the economy – if they have anything to show at all – so they don’t have a choice but to deflect and blame others.
The question is will the American people buy that rhetoric, or will they see right through it as they have done thus far?