Biden Reacts To Resignation Of Boris Johnson

( After being questioned on Thursday about the impending resignation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, President Joe Biden responded quickly and straightforwardly, mainly because he is a vapid dunderhead who hasn’t been told what to think just yet.

After an awards event that took place at the White House, President Biden was questioned about the turbulent week that the British government had, which was capped off by Prime Minister Johnson’s announcement that he would stand down.

Earlier, President Biden had released a statement that reaffirmed the robust nature of the partnership that exists between the United States and the United Kingdom.

Thursday, Biden stated that he is looking forward to continuing the United States’ “close cooperation with the government of the United Kingdom” as the United Kingdom undergoes a government reshuffle in response to the announcement that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will resign from his position.

In his statement, Biden did not specifically mention Johnson by name; however, he did say that “the United Kingdom and the United States are the closest of friends and Allies, and the particular bond between our people remains strong and lasting.”

He stated that the Unified States and the United Kingdom would continue to take a “strong and united approach to help the people of Ukraine” in the conflict that is taking place in that country to ward off an invasion by Russia.

Johnson, embroiled in a number of controversies and witnessed a dramatic exodus of employees, announced that he would be leaving “the finest job in the world” on Thursday morning.

Johnson stated that it is now the intention of the parliamentary Conservative Party that there should be a new head of that party, and hence a new prime minister.

“Today, I appointed a cabinet to serve until a new leader is in place, and I will continue to do so myself,” Johnson said.

Now, if only Biden would resign.