Biden Refused To Name Mass Shooters Publicly, Report Shows

( President Joe Biden pledged to hold the shooter’s inspirations accountable for the Buffalo supermarket shooting that left ten dead.

He said, “We’ll fight like hell and expose everyone.”

Despite calling the domestic shooting terrorism, the president didn’t expose much on Tuesday. He didn’t name those he believes spread “replacement theory” dogma that motivated the Buffalo shooter. He blamed institutions and nameless politicians for pushing the theory for profit and power.

Biden’s aides say his reticence shows how delicate he and his administration view American politics. They fear that naming names will distract from the “substance” of the problem and give more attention to the conspiracy, which holds that white Americans are being replaced by nonwhite immigrants orchestrated by a cabal of elites eager to see Democrats win office.

Senior aides believe pressure from fellow Republicans and advertisers would be more effective in pushing Tucker Carlson to distance himself from replacement theory. Senior aides didn’t want to give Carlson a presidential attack clip he could “use every night.”

A White House official said they understand the desire to call out people pushing disgusting rhetoric, but it’s worth remembering that many of these demagogues would love the oxygen and attention from the president blasting them. Attention and notoriety may help them spread lies.

“It doesn’t mean you never call them out, but you must be judicious and aware of unintended consequences,” said the anonymous source.

The president asked his advisers to make a plan for Biden to go to Buffalo on Tuesday, despite his upcoming flight to Asia. Three White House officials say Biden pushed them to make it happen, checking with New York Gov. Kathy Hochul about going to the shooting site 72 hours after it happened.

Biden and his senior advisers discussed how to approach this significant moment over the weekend. After being horrified by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Va., he launched his 2020 campaign. Black voters revived his listless campaign in the South Carolina primary and carried him to the general election.

Many are frustrated after failing to pass voting rights and police reform legislation. Now, 10 of their brethren were killed by a gunman who live-streamed the shooting with a racial epithet on his modified automatic weapon.

Biden told aides that his visit to Buffalo needed to be about consoling grieving loved ones and denouncing racism. Some aides pushed him to name Carlson and Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York as proponents of “replacement theory.” Instead, blanket admonitions were issued.

Even White House supporters have criticized Biden’s approach. Rev. Al Sharpton said if the administration was afraid to name Carlson, Biden should go after his employer.
Sharpton said Fox News’s host should be called out. He said we should talk about how the networks push this stuff and act irresponsibly. He supports him naming names, but he should also name the networks.

While Biden’s visit to Buffalo was important, civil rights leaders wanted more. These leaders spoke with Justice Department officials on Sunday, who promised to take the shooting seriously but didn’t promise an investigation.

Leading gun control groups are frustrated by the lack of urgency to pass new gun laws after the shooting. Nearly 40 groups sent a letter to Biden and Democratic congressional leadership urging them to increase funding for Community Violence Initiatives, debate and vote on background check legislation, and create a White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention.

The office can be right down the hall from the Ministry of Truth.