Biden RETURNS To Basement After Tiring, Single Day Out On Campaign Trail

( Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is safe and sound in his basement in his Delaware home once again after spending a single day out on the campaign trail.

Washington Examiner reporter Emily Larsen told her Twitter followers that on day two of Biden’s campaign having a traveling press pool covering his movement, they were told not to expect any movements on the second day. It begs the question as to why they invited them to come along in the first place, if Biden was only going to go back to his basement on day two.

Maybe he just got tired and needs a nap. Or three.

Journalists were informed that Biden would be hosting a virtual fundraiser in the afternoon, will give a pool report, and then won’t do anything else for the rest of the day.

It makes you wonder why he’s raising money if he can’t even spend time out of his home speaking to voters.

And if you were thinking that Biden perhaps had a big day of activism and speaking events the day before, he really didn’t. Biden gave a speech to a mostly empty room in Pittsburgh. The audience included a handful of journalists and a cameraman, all of whom had to stay in their personal circles that were drawn on the floor. They wore masks and listened to Biden struggle to get through a speech.

Oh, and then he made a stop to speak to some firefighters. He awkwardly gave them some pizzas as if to bribe them and make himself look like a man of the people, but it was all very transparent. And to be honest, the firefighters didn’t seem that excited to meet him.

At this point, Biden isn’t running his own campaign. He’s barely even involved with his campaign. Instead, he’s doing what his handlers tell him to do and Kamal is taking the reins some more.

Do they really think this is going to work out for them in November?