( President Joe Biden is not only acknowledging the crisis on the border, but dismissed the seriousness of former President Donald Trump reportedly considering a trip to the southern border to see the chaos being caused by the new administration.

A reporter asked the president about the ongoing border crisis, which has seen thousands of migrants forced to live in cramped quarters designed for mere hundreds of people, and what he thinks about the former president taking a trip to the border himself.

President Biden, who was finally returning to the White House after a relaxing weekend at his Wilmington, Delaware home, said that he was “putting in place a plan” that he feels “very confident about.”

“And I don’t care what the other guy does,” Biden said about former President Trump, the “guy” who implemented the “Remain in Mexico” policy and built hundreds of miles of border wall that dramatically reduced illegal immigration until Biden undid all his important work.

Biden didn’t tell reporters when or if he planned to visit the border himself.

During an interview On FOX News on Saturday, the former president slammed the Biden administration for its horrific performance on managing the border crisis and expressed an interest in visiting the border in the “next couple of weeks” to see for himself the damage being done.

“Thousands and thousands of people are coming up right now as we speak,” former President Trump said. “And you’re going to have millions of people pouring into our country. And it’s going to destroy our country.”

Republican Senators visited the border over the weekend, with Texas Senator Ted Cruz publishing particularly damning footage of the chaos caused by Biden’s policies.

In one clip, a representative of the Biden administration attempts to intimidate Senator Cruz into stopping filming the hundreds of migrants crammed into small rooms designed to fit only dozens of people.

Other footage collected by the 19 Republican legislators showed dozens of babies held in the detention facilities in numbers drastically larger than during the Trump administration.