Biden Says He Was “Surprised” When Confronted By Journalist

( President Joe Biden answered a question about the news reports which describe his taking classified papers home with him and putting them in one of his private offices.

At a press conference with the presidents of Mexico and Canada, a  reporter asked Biden if he could explain how top-secret documents got into one of his offices and should the public have known sooner.

Biden explained that people know that he takes classified documents and information very seriously.

No, the people only know that he took the classified documents.

Reports show Biden claimed his lawyers set up an office for him when they cleaned out his office at the University of Pennsylvania. He said that when he ran for office, he had been a professor at Penn for four years.

This is another lie Biden keeps telling. He was not a professor.

Biden then stumbled through his claim that some papers were found in a box. In a locked cabinet or at least a closet. He said he knew many classified documents were in that box. And they did what they ought to have. They called the archives right away, gave them to them right away, and then called them again.

Biden said he was told about the discovery, which surprised him because he didn’t know that any government records had been moved to that office. He said he had no idea what was in the papers. He had not been told what documents they were.  They turned the boxes over to the records office and are doing everything to help with the review, which will be done soon.

According to media reports, Biden has said insulting things about former President Donald Trump, whose Mar-a-Lago home was searched last August for documents he was accused of mishandling.

The topic has become a hot-button issue on Capitol Hill, and the new Republican-led House is preparing to investigate it.

While President Biden is eating his crow, he should be thinking about how and why his own Democrats seem to be trying to get rid of him. With an assist from the Republicans, of course.