Biden Snaps At Reporters On Cameraemail

A report shows that during a bike ride, President Joe Biden fielded questions from reporters and made comments about the border since Title 42 was lifted.

While being interviewed by reporters during a bike ride in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Vice President Biden took a jab at the press. It’s Sunday night. When asked about progress at the border, the president claimed that things were moving “much better than you expected.”

Biden then remarked that he had no intention of going to the border since it would cause too much of a distraction.

The report noted that Biden and his security detail rode bicycles along a route at Gordon’s Pond State Park and passed the White House Press Pool twice. 

According to the White House pool report, Biden finally stopped to answer questions while wearing his helmet.

Biden responded to a question on the upcoming Turkish election by saying, “I hope whoever wins wins.”  He said that the region already has enough issues to deal with.

Biden also stated he anticipated there would be “chaos” at the border after the termination of the program, as predicted by detractors of the Biden administration.

Online media outlet “Outkick” has noted that while holding the most powerful and influential position in the world, Joe Biden takes a lot of vacations.

The anticipated border crisis has once again brought to light the ineptitude of the Biden administration.  However, Biden’s managers are still set on making matters worse.

The report disparaged the world’s de facto president, Joe Biden, for taking more time off as the nation is in shambles.  

RNC Research published photos of the President, who is now in his 80s, leaving to return to his Delaware beach house again.  Worse still, he will have spent 40% of his term away from the White House after this trip.

The outlet explained that Biden’s mental capacity has plainly and swiftly diminished, as seen by his habit of regularly wandering on stage after a speech. 

The media’s blanket of silence on Biden is particularly disturbing.