Biden Staff Reportedly Share Instructions Helping Biden Walk to Podium

Staff members at the White House have been making documents with pictures and directions on how and from where President Joe Biden should approach the podium at his events.

A media source got a layout of a five-page document. On one page, it displays a large photo of an event venue. On another page, it depicts the view from the podium and the view from the crowd in big font. It shows that a portion has two images with the phrase “Walk to the podium” written on them.

According to one individual who worked events for President Biden for the previous year and a half, the White House allegedly handled a private fundraiser like a NATO summit.   

The White House reportedly provides event personnel with a template to follow when they put up president-specific materials in the days leading up to a presidential engagement.

Although the unidentified experienced staffer expressed surprise that the president, a seasoned political expert, would require such specific directions for entering and leaving a room, a White House official claimed that this is a typical reaction from those who are not familiar with how ‘advance teams’ operate.

Anyone in charge of preparing and executing an event, such as a political campaign or operation, is sometimes referred to as an Advance Team. Each US president engages in extensive and detail-oriented advance work in politics.

According to White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates, no matter the president in office, preparatory preparation always involves a great deal of detail and accuracy.

According to radio talk show host Pete Mundo, the media is aiming for its “kill shot” this week. Since the First Lady isn’t going to force Joe to resign, they’ll resort to extreme measures to bring shame onto him.

Many voters, contributors, and Democrats have demanded Biden’s ouster and questioned his fitness for reelection since the June 27 presidential debate, when he faced off against former President Donald Trump.

There have been increasing demands for Biden to drop out of the race, but he and his team have maintained their stance that he will not.

Biden accused those who were attempting to exclude him from the presidential campaign of showing a lack of concern for the outcomes of the primaries.