Biden Stares Blankly And Picks Teeth After Question About Putin

( After Russian President Vladimir Putin sent Russian “peacekeeping” forces into Donetsk and Luhansk on Monday, President Joe Biden sat quietly smirking as White House staffers herded reporters out of the room as they shouted questions after a press event on Tuesday.

One reporter asked the President “Do you think you may have underestimated Putin?”

Rather than respond, the President of the United States sat like a smirking child. Then, because Joe has the self-control of a toddler, he began picking his teeth.

Oh, yeah. That’s a great look.

Is it any wonder only a third of Americans approve of Joe Biden’s handling of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine?

According to a Washington Post/ABC News poll conducted last week, only 33 percent of respondents approve of President Teeth-Picker’s hapless handling of the ongoing military crisis. Another 47 percent disapprove while 20 percent have no opinion.

When asked if they believe America is a stronger global leader with Biden as President, only 23 percent said yes. Forty-eight percent believe America is weaker while 26 percent say we’re about the same.

On the question of whether Joe Biden can be trusted in a crisis, the majority, 52 percent, said Biden can’t be trusted.

Is this at all a surprise?

Joe Biden ran for president pretending to be a tough guy who would stand up to that mean bully Putin and restore America’s standing in the world. It wasn’t just a lie; it was a laughable lie.

It’s hard to square Biden’s campaign tough-talk with the hapless old gomer smirking and picking his teeth while Ukraine burns.