Biden Starts Making Strange Comments During Press Event

( NASA published new photographs of the Webb Space Telescope’s most exemplary infrared vision of the cosmos on Monday.

“It displays galaxies that were previously unseen to us,” said Joe Biden on July 11.

In the South Court Auditorium, Joe Biden showed a sneak peek of the pictures from his fictitious White House set.

As NASA officials introduced the new photos, Kamala Harris stood beside Joe Biden.

“I wonder what the press is like in those other locations,” Joe Biden said in an odd dig at the media.

Biden is an ill-mannered crank who believes he is charming.

Nobody laughed at Biden’s oddball attempt to make a point through idiotic humor.

The incompetent-in-chief then used this occasion by repeating his favorite line, which is not as profound as he thinks but probably impresses the word-salad-queen Kamala Harris, about the country leading ‘not by the example of our power, but the power of our example.’

While his aide ejected reporters from the room, Biden sat with his arms crossed and mouth gaping.

Harris kicked off the event as part of her capacity as head of the National Space Council, one of a wide array of responsibilities that the White House has delegated to her, responsibilities that she’s failed to fulfill.

Her dubious status as the scientific group leader was already in the news at the end of the previous year due to a video starring Harris and five children that were typical of the awkward and pony-show administration. The commercial’s goal was to pique children’s interest in space travel.

However, in a peculiar decision for the production, they decided to cast kid performers rather than students were chosen for their enthusiasm for the subject matter of space.

The father of one of the children, who is 13 years old and appears in the video, said that all five of the children were actors.

The clip would total six actors: the five children plus Kamala Harris.