Biden Suddenly Forgets Name Of His HHS Secretary

( President Joe Biden apparently can’t even go a few days without forgetting something important on camera, and his most recent gaffe came on Friday when he appeared to forget the name of his own Health and Human Services Secretary, Xavier Becerra.

After the president signed yet another executive order – his favorite form of governing because it doesn’t require Congress to agree – he called on members of his Cabinet to discuss the order in more detail. The order, if you are interested, was allegedly focused on “promoting competition in the US economy.”

Biden can be heard saying, “Javier, Mr Secretary, you can come up too.”

He added that he had been watching him on the TV and that he’s been “really good.”

Apparently, he wasn’t watching long enough to learn his name.

Conservative journalists Tom Elliott shared the video with a clip from March this year when Biden even appeared to forget the name of his own Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, and even the name of the Pentagon.

Let’s be honest here. If former President Donald Trump kept forgetting names like this, then the media would have had a field day, wouldn’t they?

The press tried to say President Trump had Parkinson’s because he took his time walking down a slippery slope while weather leather-soled shoes, but for some reason, President Joe Biden getting confused during every single speech he gives isn’t enough for people to question his ability to lead?