Biden Thinks He’s The Only One Who Can Beat Trump In 2024

( It was reported early last week that President Joe Biden confirmed to his good friend Barack Obama that he fully intends to run for reelection in 2024.

A source familiar with Biden and Obama’s discussion told The Hill that old Joe believes he is the only Democrat who can beat former President Donald Trump should he run for reelection in 2024 “and that’s the biggest factor.”

Joe Biden believes a lot of things.

He also believes he got into a “West Side Story”-style confrontation with a gang member named Corn Pop, drove a tractor-trailer, was a “full professor,” and acted as a “liaison” between Egypt and Israel during the 1967 Six-Day War when Joe was still attending law school at Syracuse University where he graduated 76th out of a class of 85 people. Though, Joe also believes he graduated from SU law school “in the top half” of his class.

It isn’t surprising that the man with scrambled eggs for a brain would believe he is the only Democrat who could beat Donald Trump. He probably also believes that 81 million living human beings actually voted for him in 2020.

What would be more interesting to learn is what his “good friend” Barack thought of Joe Biden’s delusions of grandeur.

And while Joe Biden may think America is clamoring for four more years, Americans beg to differ.

According to the latest Harvard/Harris poll released on Monday, only 37 percent of voters want Joe to run again in 2024 while a wide majority, 63 percent, want him to hit the bricks.

Surprisingly, 66 percent of Democrats do want old Joe to seek a second term. But Republicans and Independents would rather he didn’t. Only 14 percent of Republicans and 27 percent of Independents are eager for another Biden run.

What’s more, the Harvard/Harris poll has Donald Trump beating Joe Biden 45 percent to 43 percent in a hypothetical match-up.

And while 58 percent of Republicans would choose Donald Trump in a hypothetical Republican primary, only 37 percent of Democrats would choose the sitting president if the Democrat presidential primary was held today.