Biden To Calls Emergency Meeting With Law Enforcement

( President Joe Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland have planned a meeting with local law enforcement leaders, elected officials, as well as someone billed as an “expert” on community violence prevention, for Monday, July 12 in the White House.

Last month, Biden announced new gun control measures that will do nothing to stem the rising tide of violent crime plaguing America’s cities, but will target law-abiding citizens all of whom are not responsible for the rise in crime. And Monday’s meeting, no doubt, will be just as useless at actually addressing the crisis at hand as Biden’s gun control measures.

The President also announce steps to hold “rogue” gun dealers accountable for violating federal laws. But if there are laws these gun dealers can violate, does it not stand to reason that there is already a mechanism in place to hold them accountable?

In addition to going after everyone but the people pulling the trigger, Biden also wants to help states use COVID-19 “relief” funds to hire more police officers. Which would be an improvement over how some states and municipalities are spending that cash. Michigan used taxpayer money to update bike trails in state parks. The city of Syracuse, NY is using some of its COVID relief windfall to paint murals throughout the city.

Ironically one mayor did use COVID relief money for law enforcement. That mayor was, surprisingly, Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot. She used $281.5 million to cover police payroll. And when she did, Lightfoot got attacked by progressive aldermen and community groups who were angry that the funding would go to the police.

The skyrocketing violence in Democrat-run cities isn’t because of “rogue” gun dealers. And lack of funding for law enforcement in many cases is deliberate. These Democrat-run cities are deliberately defunding police or “reallocating” police funding. It isn’t that they don’t know how to use federal “relief” money to fund the police; they just don’t want to fund the police.

A meeting to discuss rising crime led by an Administration that doesn’t understand cause and effect will amount to nothing.

Sure, Biden can claim he wants to help increase funding for local law enforcement. But his actions speak louder than his rhetoric.

If Biden really wanted to increase spending on local law enforcement, he never would have nominated two virulent defund the police radicals to the Justice Department. But he did. Vanita Gupta, an anti-police radical, now holds the number three spot in the Justice Department. Another anti-police radical, Kristen Clarke, heads up the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ.

But as Rahm Emmanuel famously said, never let a crisis go to waste.

Rather than seeking to address skyrocketing crime, President Biden is using the crisis as a pretense to enact more gun control measures.

And while he sits in his meeting accomplishing nothing, America’s cities will continue to suffer.