Biden To Release More Migrants Into America

( If you thought the border crisis was bad, get this: President Joe Biden’s Homeland Security Department is considering a plan to release 100,000 additional immigrant families into the United States.


The plan, which was revealed by a report from Axios, is intended to expand on the controversial “Catch and Release” program pushed by the Democrats. It’s a system whereby illegal aliens who are caught crossing the United States border are placed into a Department of Homeland Security or even a hotel – for free – only to be released into the United States

Under the proposed plans, 100,000 illegal alien family units and individual crossers between the ages of 18 and 21 will be given the chance to be released into the United States. However, “tracking methods” will be used to ensure that the aliens later turn up to their hearings.

There’s no telling whether these plans will work, though. Short of inserting microchips into these aliens, it’s extremely difficult to ensure that they turn up for their hearings…without spending huge sums of money on personal private security or investigators who keep track of them at all times.

The plan would also provide assistance for illegal aliens to permanently resettle in the United States by giving them free lawyers to represent them and helping their children enroll in schools.

President Joe Biden might claim that he isn’t encouraging illegal immigration, and Vice President Harris might have told Guatemalans “do not come,” but the actions of the Biden administration do the opposite of what they say.

Illegal aliens have never had more incentive than they do now to illegally cross the border and enter the United States. Don’t forget that President Biden has already promised an eight-year path to citizenship for illegal aliens crossing the border.

A new budget for the Department of Homeland Security, which has already been approved by a House committee, would fund ICE with $500 million for “Alternatives to Detention.”

Meanwhile, the American people keep telling Biden they want him to go back to Trump-era immigration policy.

A new Harvard/Harris poll showed that 2-in-3 registered voters believe that illegal aliens should be returned to Mexico – just as they were under the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy that Trump revoked.

Does President Biden want to destroy America?