Biden & Trump Share Conflicting Messages On New Years

President Biden and Donald Trump gave very different public messages on New Year’s Eve. On vacation in the US Virgin Islands, the President and First Lady described the US economy as the greatest in the world, and the Biden administration created millions of jobs in 2023. Figures show, however, that more Americans were living paycheck to paycheck as 2023 came to a close; 58% in March rose to 62% by November.

A poll from the Suffolk University Sawyer Business School in September showed that 70% of Americans believe the economy is getting worse, with some expressing astonishment at Biden’s claims that it has never been better. The same poll revealed that 84% believe inflation is up, and their personal cost of living has skyrocketed. Nevertheless, during an interview at the White House, Biden blamed the media for people’s negative view of the nation’s finances.

Americans furthermore trust Donald Trump more than Biden to fix the economy and bring down inflation. High percentages believe believe the economy is worse under Biden, with 47% saying Trump would do a better job, compared to just 36% who were happy with Biden.

Mr. Trump’s New Year’s message was a defiant one that chimed with the growing belief that he will win the keys to the White House in November. “Happy New Year. It will be a historic one. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!” Trump wrote on his Truth Social media account. He also said that Biden won’t even “make it to the gate” for the 2024 elections.

As 2023 came to a close, various polling revealed that Trump is extending his lead over Biden, with the former President racing ahead in many surveys. He also maintains his significant lead in the Republican primaries, but with a new second-place contender – Nikki Haley. The ex South Carolina Governer has overtaken Ron DeSantis in several places, and in some polls, comes within 5% of frontrunner Trump.