Biden’s Approval Is Collapsing In These 2 Issues

( According to the findings of a study conducted by GSG and GBAOStrategies, President Joe Biden’s approval rating was 14 points lower than before the weekend Memorial Day holiday.

Biden’s approval rating is underwater by 14 percentage points, with just 42 percent of respondents approving of his performance while a majority of respondents, 56 percent, disapprove.

This is in line with the findings calculated by RealClearPolitics on Monday, which places Biden with a negative margin of -14.4 percent.

The study indicated that Biden’s approval ratings are dismal in many other significant areas.

For example, the current percentage of people who disapprove of Biden’s economic management is 59 percent, while those who approve are 37 percent. His overall approval rating is -22. As a point of comparison, his overall approval rating on the economy at the beginning of April was -11.

He is below water and dropping like a stone.

51% of people are unhappy with the way he manages the situation in Ukraine, while 41% are satisfied with his actions; this gives him a net approval rating of -10.

At the beginning of April, his net approval rating on that topic was -4.

Biden has a good rating on handling coronavirus. He’s just an inch below water at 49 percent approval, with 47 percent responding negatively. His net approval on COVID-19 decreased; it was +6 at the beginning of April and +7 in May. He currently stands at +2.

The study’s findings indicated that former President Trump had higher approval ratings in virtually all of these critical areas before his departure in January of 2021.

According to another survey released on Saturday, Joe Biden’s popularity with black voters, who make up a significant portion of his support, has plummeted since the spring of 2021.

While African Americans continue to support the president at a considerably greater rate than the general population, a Washington Post-Ipsos poll indicated that 7 in 10 black Americans approve of President Biden’s job performance, down from 78 percent in April 2021.

If Biden were a stock, you’d be panicking.