Biden’s Attack On Sarah Palin Falls Flat

( Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin has long been a target for the Democrats. Despite being one of the few female vice-presidential candidates, Palin has been relentlessly attacked by supposed feminists and egalitarians.

President Joe Biden is just the latest Democrat to take a turn attacking Palin, taking what has been described as a “cheap shot” against her, by using a tired old smear that was invented by Saturday Night Live.

During a recent speech, Biden reportedly said that during his time as vice president he worked with all state governors, “save one.”

When he was asked which governor he was talking about, Biden responded by saying, the “one who can see Alaska from her porch.”

Okay, so there are several elements to examine here. The first is the fact that he said Alaska and not Russia. He’s talking about Sarah Palin, who lives in Alaska, and said that she can see Alaska from her porch…which she certainly can, given that’s where she lives.

What he was trying to do, however, was mock Palin for allegedly saying that she could see Russia from her porch – which is something she didn’t even say. Tina Fey, then a Saturday Night Live comedian and actress, said she can see Russia from her house when she was playing Sarah Palin as a character.

Biden made the comment as he talked about the one-trillion-dollar infrastructure bill that was signed into law this week.

If the president is going to recycle old lies about a respected state governor, the least he can do is get the smear right. He’s just embarrassing himself at this point.