Biden’s Claim About Job Growth Fact-Checked

( After November’s anemic jobs numbers were released, President Biden (or whoever operates his Twitter account) tweeted that America is adding jobs “at a record pace.” The tweet claimed that almost six million “new jobs have been created” since Biden was sworn in as President.

Newsweek fact-checked this claim and determined it is “partly true.”

But the fact is, the claim isn’t “partly true;” it is not true at all.

Newsweek’s “fact-check” claims that Biden’s assertion that we have had six million “new jobs” is supported by the data. But that fact-check is just as incorrect as Biden’s assertion.

During the state-imposed lockdowns in response to the pandemic, America lost 22 million jobs. The six million jobs Biden is boasting of “creating” aren’t “new jobs” that have been “created.” They are jobs lost during the pandemic response that have been restored.

That isn’t job growth. To arrive at a place where we are adding new jobs, we have to recoup the jobs lost during the pandemic. And we aren’t there yet. We still need to restore four million jobs just to get back to where we were in February 2020.

The funny thing is, in 2020, when Vice President Mike Pence boasted that because of Trump’s policies, 11.6 million jobs were added in the summer and fall, Snopes “fact-checked” the claim and concluded it was a “mixture” of true and false.

Snopes conceded that 11.6 million jobs were restored, but argued that Pence was wrong to say it was due to Trump’s policies. Instead, Snopes pointed out that these were jobs restored rather than new jobs added.

Now Biden is boasting of 6 million “new jobs,” and Newsweek fact-checkers claim that part is true.

For Trump, fact-checkers were quick to point out that these were not new jobs added, but jobs restored. But for Biden, fact-checkers are willing to play along with the lie.

The only thing Newsweek said was false was President Biden’s claim that jobs were being added at a “record pace,” noting that the country enjoyed job growth at a better pace during Trump’s presidency.

It should also be noted, that actual job creation was happening under President Trump. Thus far, Joe Biden has not delivered any job creation. What’s more, under President Trump, the total number of jobs lost due to the pandemic was cut in half in a matter of months. That was before the country had a vaccine. Despite the wide availability of vaccines and over a longer period, Joe Biden has thus far failed to match the jobs restored post-pandemic under President Trump.