Biden’s Family Is Pushing To Erase Daughter’s Name From Key Facts

According to a report, in an apparent effort to hide the fact that the president’s son, Hunter, is the father of the president’s seventh grandchild, lies have apparently been told to White House officials during strategy sessions.

His staff is concerned that a four-year-old living in Arkansas may detract from President Joe Biden’s carefully crafted image as a committed family guy as he prepares for his re-election campaign. Despite suspicions of criminal behavior and influence peddling, which some evidence shows may possibly implicate the president, he has been a staunch backer of Hunter.

According to a report, President Biden said he loves his grandkids very much, but he has yet to visit, talk with, or even officially recognize his four-year-old granddaughter, who lives in Arkansas. 

Hunter and Lunden had an affair shortly after Hunter’s breakup with Hallie, his late brother’s widow.  

The report shows the president’s staff is advocating a public relations plan that would have the public never see Navy Joan as a Biden family member. 

Other reports reveal that the president’s advisers have been telling the staff in strategy meetings that he only has six grandkids, not seven.

The White House had ignored Navy Joan on several occasions. In May, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre flatly refused to discuss the child. In public statements about his family, which generally center on his undying commitment to them, Biden has neglected to mention his seventh grandchild.

According to an online Conservative outlet, in an Arkansas child support arrangement with his child’s mother, Lunden Roberts, Hunter Biden promised his four-year-old daughter Navy Joan Roberts some of his paintings but not the Biden surname.

In May, a judge ordered Hunter Biden give an under-oath deposition answering concerns about his wealth. As part of the initial deal he struck with Roberts in 2020, he agreed to pay child support in the amount of $20,000 per month. But he later asked for it to be reduced to $5,000.