Biden’s Handlers Step In To Stop Questions On Video

( President Joe Biden doesn’t like answering questions. We know that because he says as much, and repeatedly tells journalists that he “shouldn’t” be answering them because he’ll get in “trouble” with his staff.

But on Thursday, the president showed his absolute disdain for those who simply want some answers on his disastrous first year in office, smirking as he allowed his handlers to shoo journalists out of the room.

Before delivering remarks at a virtual meeting on military deployments supporting hospitals, journalists scrambled to ask the president some questions about his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic so far. Among all the voices in the crowd, one journalist could be heard asking the president what vaccinated Americans should think about his recent claim that most Americans will get COVID at some point.

Biden could be seen clasping his hands together and smirking, as the voices of the journalists got quieter. His handlers were shooing them out of the room.

His only comment?

“Folks, we’ll talk about that later, come on,” he said.

He even looks a little sad and confused, doesn’t he? Anyway, it’s a new week, and the president still hasn’t spoken about it with the press.

This is the same president that promised to shut down the virus, not the economy. The same president who said he had a plan to deal with Covid…and the same president who recently oversaw more than one million new COVID cases in a single day.

Democrats can say what they want about former President Donald Trump, but at least he answered questions and defended his agenda. Biden can’t even do that.