Biden’s Latest Marriage Story Seems Completely Bogus 

( President Joe Biden said he was a proponent of gay marriage from a young age, despite speaking out against it during his political career. Biden said he had an “epiphany” on the issue when he was a senior in high school and saw two men kissing. His father told him at the time that the men loved each other, and he has supported gay marriage ever since. However, Richard Grenell, who served as acting director of national intelligence in the Trump administration, and who is openly gay, said the President had told “a whopper of a lie.” He said Biden’s story was entirely implausible. Biden had never raised the issue during his 36-year Senate career and only did so halfway through the administration of President Obama.  

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insists however that Biden supported gay marriage “through his Senate days and as VP and now as president.” The reality was that the President didn’t support it until 60% of the American public said they did. Before that, Biden said, “Marriage is between a man and a woman.”  

The historical revisionism comes as President Biden campaigns for LGBT rights. Only 24 hours after his inauguration, Biden decided that contact forms for the White House should include a variety of gender options. He boasted that the forms now contained pronoun options, including “they/them” for so-called non-binary citizens. His U-turn has also prompted him to appoint transgendered people to senior roles, despite many gay individuals opposing the modern “gender” hysteria and the frequent complaints by women and feminist groups. Biden appointed Richard Levine – who goes by the name “Rachel” – to the post of health secretary and has been broadly condemned for inviting Dylan Mulvaney, who mocks and ridicules women while pretending to be one, to the White House to explain his journey into “girlhood.” One of his first acts as President was to overturn the Trump administration’s ban on transsexuals serving in the military.