Biden’s Meeting With Israel Compromised After Devastating Leak

( Last month, anonymous officials told CNN that Israel has been ramping up its covert attacks in Iran while keeping the United States in the dark.

This anonymous report followed a similar anonymous intelligence leak given to the New York Times in May that Israel was behind the assassination of a top officer in the IRGC, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps.

These leaks infuriated Israeli officials who often share intelligence with the United States. It’s hard to trust a so-called “close ally” whose officials leak intelligence to the American media.

President Biden touched down in Tel Aviv on Wednesday as part of his first Middle East trip since becoming president. He will be meeting with both Israeli and Palestinian officials and is also slated to receive Israel’s Presidential Medal of Honor.

Whether Prime Minister Yair Lapid or anyone else in the Israeli government discusses with Biden or his team this rash of intelligence leaks is anybody’s guess.

But according to former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz, the leaks show the level of “incompetence and unprofessionalism from Biden and his foreign policy team.”

Fred Fleitz told Just the News that the leaks are designed to “sabotage” Israel’s covert efforts as a way to help the Biden administration’s nuclear talks with Iran.

Ultimately, however, it isn’t just the US relationship with Israel that suffers from these intelligence leaks.

Fleitz added that it will harm US relations with other allies who may be more hesitant to provide crucial intelligence to the United States for fear it may be leaked to the media.

In a recent interview on the podcast “Diplomatically Incorrect,” former Israeli Ambassador to the US, Ron Dermer said the leaks “would only encourage attacks against Israel.”

Dermer added that the Biden administration is “trying to curtail Israel’s freedom of operation” against Iranian aggression.

Intel leaks related to Israeli operations have been occurring for years, but not at the rate they are happening under the Biden administration.

According to Jason Brodsky, policy director of United Against Nuclear Iran, the media leaks not only decrease trust between Israel and the United States, but they also risk “provoking Iran” into retaliating against an ally of the United States.