Biden’s ‘Rapid Deterioration’ Goes Public

Republican Georgia Representative Rich McCormick recently told Newsmax that President Joe Biden is quickly declining in every respect.  McCormick, an ER physician, was invited to evaluate Biden’s performance at the State of the Union address.

McCormick noted that Biden seemed low-energy and prone to outbursts. He started to mutter as the session ended. Not only is his cognitive capacity decreasing, but so are his motor skills, balance, and coordination.

McCormick said he saw a video of Biden attempting to retract his use of the term “illegal” in describing the migrant suspect in the murder of Laken Riley, a nursing student from Georgia. Biden said he shouldn’t have used the term ‘illegal'” during an MSNBC interview.

Rather than addressing the actual problem, McCormick said Biden was preoccupied with the proper way to refer to illegal migrants.  Anyone who enters the nation illegally gets benefits and is rewarded for cutting in line.

As another issue related to the immigration problem, McCormick brought up human trafficking.

He said that multiple thousands of kids were abducted and are likely victims of child trafficking at this very moment. Rape and human trafficking are topics he has already addressed.  They are essentially forms of modern-day slavery in which individuals who cross illegally are enslaved because they lack the legal means to work and because doing so would be an injustice.

There was an increase in the number of unaccompanied minors referred to the Department of Homeland Security (HHS) in Fiscal Year 2021, with 122,731 cases. With 34,328 issued in the first quarter of FY 2022, 107,686 were handed over to adult sponsors.

Seventy percent of these kids are in the age bracket of fifteen to seventeen. Buying fake IDs from middlemen is a common way for them to get low-wage employment to repay their debts to drug cartels and traffickers. The majority of these kids end up in servitude or unskilled work, where they endure terrible conditions and add to the problem of child slavery.

Three days after the State of the Union speech, a HarrisX/Forbes poll was conducted. It found that former president Donald Trump’s lead in 2024 increased while Joe Biden’s approval rating decreased.

A HarrisX/Forbes survey revealed that Biden had a 39% approval rating in the week leading up to Thursday’s State of the Union speech. Eleven percent disapproved.