Biden’s Speech To CIA Contained A Falsely Attributed Quote

( During a speech at the Central Intelligence Agency on Friday, President Joe Biden accidentally attributed a quote from poet John Milton to John Keats.

Ah well. It could’ve been worse. He could’ve attributed it to John Wayne.

The president was at Langley to honor the CIA’s 75th anniversary. And since he was talking to people who serve the country, old Joe trotted out his favorite line from a poem that he frequently uses when speaking to servicemembers.

The poem is John Milton’s “Sonnet 19: When I Consider How My Light is Spent” and the line in question is “They also serve who only stand and wait.”

But on Friday, the president told the assembled that the line was from the English poet John Keats.

And that isn’t the first time Joe has made that mistake.

In his remarks during the commissioning ceremony for the USS Delaware in April, Biden used the line. And like Friday, he inadvertently attributed the line to John Keats.

On other occasions, he got the poet’s name correct. On other occasions, he fudged it by attributing the quote to “an English poet” without specifically saying which English poet it was.

But now that he’s gotten it into his head that John Milton’s quote was written by John Keats, old Joe will likely make that mistake again. Because once a thought gets stuck in that mashed potato brain of his, it’s impossible to get rid of it.