Biden’s Staff Forced To Intervene As Chinese Official Attacks Reporter

( According to a tip from the press pool, Biden employees intervened on behalf of a reporter who was assaulted by a Chinese staffer upset by shouted questions about human rights in China.

This week, bilateral meetings were held in Bali, Indonesia. President Joe Biden and Chinese Chairman Xi Jengpeng gave opening statements during a joint news conference held in preparation for the sessions.

A reporter assigned to the White House claimed that as they were being escorted out, the pool TV producer asked President Biden whether he would bring up human rights during the discussions. Instantaneously, a man from the Chinese side, wearing a white Covid mask with a Chinese flag, grabbed the producer by the rucksack and dragged her backward, then was pushed toward the door. Two White House staffers intervened and suggested that the producer be left alone.

The video of the altercation has not yet been released, but just as Xi concluded his speech, the White House pool footage shows the assembled leaders and dignitaries becoming distracted by events occurring off camera.

According to a video report, in the initial greeting between the two world leaders, Biden remarked that he reminded Xi they needed to find ways to collaborate on pressing global challenges.

Reporters are sometimes mistreated around Biden. During a July event, for instance, President Biden became very agitated when a reporter asked about a recent poll indicating that most Democrats do not want him to run for re-election in 2024.

A video showed the reporter asking Biden during the White House congressional picnic what his message is to Democrats who don’t want him to run again.

Biden, who was strolling next to the reporter, stopped in his tracks and said, they do want him to run. “Read the polls, Jack!” he exclaimed.

He did read the polls, Joe!

According to a New York Times survey, over two-thirds of Democrats said they did not want Biden to run again.