Biden’s Troop Movement Won’t Stop Putin, Experts Finally Reveal

( Some “experts” who really want to see the US go to war with Russia are telling Fox News Digital that President Biden isn’t doing enough to stop Russian aggression.

The president will send 2,000 troops from Fort Bragg to Poland while another 1,000 troops stationed in Germany will be redeployed to Romania.

According to Pentagon press secretary John Kirby, the deployment of these troops is a “defensive posture” and they will not be fighting in Ukraine.

However, on Thursday, Fox News Digital interviewed some military “experts” who argued that ordering these US troops to countries neighboring Ukraine won’t be enough to prevent Russia from launching an invasion.

Fred Kagan, a former military history professor from West Point told Fox that it is important for Biden to deploy US combat forces to Eastern Europe. But the troops alone won’t be enough to deter Putin. Instead, Kagan suggested the only thing that would change Putin’s plans would be if the US sends ground forces to fight alongside Ukrainian troops against Russia.

How about no. Would no work for you, Fred?

While the US and NATO have warned Russia that any actions against Ukraine’s sovereignty would be met with swift and severe sanctions, another “expert” said NATO and the US need to do more than just sanctions.

Former deputy undersecretary of defense for policy, James Anderson said for the US and its allies to deter Putin, they should “convince” him that any action against Ukraine would “come at an unacceptably high cost to Moscow in terms of blood and treasure.”

So while many argue against Biden blundering toward war, these “experts” think Biden isn’t blundering hard enough.

In late January, the Trafalgar Group released a poll showing only 15.1 percent of the American people support placing US troops on the ground should Russia invade Ukraine. And yet these “experts” are advocating for President Biden to do just that.

The chasm between the DC establishment and the rest of the country is wider than the distance between the United States and Ukraine.

Last week, Tucker Carlson blasted the DC establishment, including many Congressional Republicans for urging the US to go to war with Russia. It is a scathing segment.

Watch it HERE.