Big Tech Is About To Get Hammered

( The Republican Party is getting to work early after taking control of the House at the turn of the new year.

One thing they have already done is form a new select committee that will look into the interactions that Big Tech companies have had with the White House, and the chair of that committee will be Jim Jordan of Ohio.

The new select committee is being called The House Select Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. Its focus will be the alleged actions the Biden administration has taken to pressure various social media companies to censor content and accounts associated with conservative viewpoints.

Axios reported recently that the formation of the select committee is partially in response to the Twitter Files, which new Twitter owner and CEO Elon Musk authorized the release of in the last month.

Musk leaked internal conversations and documents from Twitter that happened under the previous management team at Twitter. The social media company CEO released much of that information to journalists, so that the information would be spread to a wider audience from supposed independent reporters.

The reporting thus far has showed how members of President Joe Biden’s administration both worked with and pressured people at Twitter to censor specific conservative content and conservative voices. This revolved around many topics, including investigations into the president’s son Hunter Biden as well as various angles of COVID-19, vaccines and the pandemic.

Late last month, Jordan said that the Twitter Files raised many concerns that the FBI “maintained this relationship with Twitter apart from any particularized need for a specific investigation, but as a permanent and ongoing surveillance operation.”

Jordan has already sent a letter to Christopher Wray, the director of the FBI, to request records that could shed light on the role that the law enforcement agency played in how Twitter censored content.

Axios’ report said that the requests for documents that the select committee has already, and will soon, send out will eventually be followed up by “compulsory processes” if needed, which would mean issuing subpoenas.

Sources also told Axios that the select committee in the House would demand copies of communications, memos and emails that members of the White House sent to various social media companies and Big Tech companies, which obviously includes Twitter.

This new select committee was created as part of the negotiations between Republican House leader Kevin McCarthy and a group of GOP representatives who were opposing his selection as Speaker of the House. McCarthy made many concessions to get enough members of the group to support him so that he could eventually be named speaker after 15 rounds of voting that lasted from last Tuesday through last Friday night.

In addition to the Twitter Files and Biden administration dealings with Big Tech, this House panel will also looking into Dr. Anthony Fauci, including the approach he took to disinformation and misinformation surrounding COVID-19; how the Department of Justice interacted with various local boards of education regarding COVID-19 policies; and the failed Disinformation Governance Board at the Department of Homeland Security.