Bill Barr Says He Doesn’t Think Trump Ever Committed A Crime, Despite Witch Hunt Committee’s Claims

( William Barr, the former attorney general, made an appearance on “Cavuto Live” on Fox News to respond to the House January 6 Committee’s primetime hearings from the previous week.

While the committee’s goal is to indict former President Donald Trump, Barr told presenter Neil Cavuto that he had not seen anything that led him to believe Trump had committed a crime.

Barr remarked he hadn’t seen anything that led him to believe the President committed a crime. Most of what has been revealed thus far were already known. Barr agreed with the congresswoman, who said that this isn’t set up as an ideal method for getting to the truth and that there is a significant political overlay.  But he did think there were appropriate areas of investigation.

During the interview, Barr stated that he thought it was reasonable to investigate whether or not there was a strategy to use violence to halt the voting. Nothing he has observed so far led him to believe Trump was involved. But he thought those were valid inquiries. The second query is more political and concerns whether the president did watch helplessly as the Capitol was attacked for hours.

What Barr neglected to mention was that then-President Trump had indeed asked for security but was brushed off.

Reports show that in then-Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller’s sworn testimony on January 3, 2021, President Donald Trump instructed to provide D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser with the necessary National Guard support. She rejected.

Miller further testified that on January 5, Trump contacted him and informed him that he would require 10,000 National Guard members the next day.

January 4, 2021, an official document said that the president also granted the Army Secretary the power he needed to deploy National Guard troops through his Defense Secretary.

In an appearance on the Today Show to pimp his new book, Barr reluctantly declared that he would support Trump if given a choice between him and any Democrat. He said it was unimaginable that he would not vote for the Republican nominee.  He felt that the progressive agenda promoted by the Democratic Party was the biggest threat to the country.

Wrong, Mr. Barr. The members of the elitist uni-party are the biggest threat to this country.