Bill Barr Texted Trump’s Lawyer “You Are A STAR”

( No doubt in an effort to further smear the Trump Justice Department as highly politicized and corrupt, last week the Biden Department of Justice released a trove of text messages to and from former Attorney General William Barr.

It had the desired effect.

The news media immediately latched on to a text message Bill Barr sent to White House counsel Pat Cipollone on January 30, 2020, just as Trump’s impeachment defense team finished up its arguments in the first Senate impeachment trial.

Barr texted Cipollone, “You are a STAR.”

And the American corporate news media went to town to once again relitigate their 2020 claims that William Barr “developed a reputation” for serving more as Trump’s personal attorney than the top law enforcement officer in the United States.

Funny how these released documents are always timed just as Joe Biden does something terrifically awful.

It’s almost as if the Biden Justice Department is politicized.

Why, yes. The Biden Justice Department is politicized.

His Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, Kristen Clarke is a deeply partisan, far-Left “Defund the Police” activist. Another far-Left “Defund the Police” radical, Vanita Gupta, serves as the number three in the Biden Justice Department.

Even his “moderate” Attorney General, Merrick Garland, is working to advance the Democrat narrative that Trump supporters are “domestic terrorists” and “white supremacists.” He and Kristen Clarke are also suing Georgia over its new voting laws for purely political reasons.

But Bill Barr texting Pat Cipillone “You are a STAR” is supposed to be bad?

If Bill Barr really was the political hack serving as Donald Trump’s personal enforcer, he would have sued every state that violated its own election laws in 2020 in the guise of “keeping us safe” during a Pandemic.

But he didn’t, did he?

Meanwhile, the Biden Justice Department is threatening to sue any state that returns to pre-pandemic voting rules. How is that not politically-motivated?

But as is so often the case, the Democrats and the media accuse President Trump and his administration of the very things Joe Biden and his administration are actually doing.