Bill Clinton Invited To Join Trump In Announcing Boxing Match

( After former President Donald Trump made his debut as a fight analyst for the fight between Evander Holyfield and Vitor Belfort in Florida over the weekend, reports suggest that other former presidents are being approached to do the same.

It comes after the former president boasted about making an “obscene” amount of money for appearing as a fight commentator, which saw thousands of members of the audience chanting “we want Trump!” and “f*ck Joe Biden!”

It almost seems as though anybody looking to hire former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton might be looking to embarrass them…do you for a moment think that the kind of people who like watching UFC fights are likely to cheer on a Democrat president who has smeared conservatives?


Triller Fight Club hosted the event, which hit national headlines and reminded the world that the former president remains the most popular president in recent American history.

Just look at how much the crowd loves Trump:

TMZ reported this week that former President Clinton has been offered a deal, and an offer is currently being prepared for Obama. Rumors suggest that the two former presidents might be getting set to commentate on Oscar De La Hoya’s upcoming fight.

This isn’t all that new for former President Trump. He has long been a fan of MMA fighting, and even appeared as a wrestler in the past. His long friendship with Dana White of the UFC means he’s easily one of the most recognizable and popular politicians among fans of the sport, and the idea of Presidents Obama and Clinton getting booed by these crowds is just…tantalizing.

Let’s hope they take the deals.