Bill Gates Responds After Questions Involving Him And Jeffrey Epstein

( During a recent Reddit AMA, billionaire Bill Gates got blindsided by questions some Redditors asked about his ties to sex trafficking pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

One Redditor asked Gates what he was doing at Epstein’s island. In his reply, Gates denied ever having visited “any of his islands.” He added that the only meetings he had with Epstein had to do with funding Global Health. “In retrospect,” Gates said, “I regret meeting with him.”

Bill Gates alleged ties to Epstein have been fodder on the internet for years, kicking into high gear during his divorce.

During an interview on CNN last year, Gates said it had been a “huge mistake” to spend time with Epstein. Gates told Anderson Cooper that he had only met with Epstein in the hope of getting him to help raise money for global health issues. In that capacity, Gates said he had dined with Epstein several times. But when it became clear Epstein wasn’t going to help, “that relationship ended.”

In an interview back in March, Bill Gates’ ex-wife Melinda acknowledged their divorce was prompted in part by his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

In an interview on CBS Mornings, Melinda French Gates told host Gayle King that she had made it clear to her ex-husband that she didn’t like that he met with Epstein. She said she only met with Epstein “exactly one time” because she wanted to see who he was. “And I regretted it from the second I stepped in the door,” she told King.

Melinda Gates told Gayle King that Jeffrey Epstein was “abhorrent” and “evil personified.” She said after meeting him that one time, she had “nightmares about it afterward.”

In response to the interview, Bill Gates issued a statement to CBS once again reiterating his go-to response whenever Epstein is mentioned, explaining that he regretted meeting with the disgraced financier, calling it a “substantial error in judgment.”