Bill Maher On Democrats: “You’re Not My Lawyer”

( Comedian Bill Maher explained why he thought the Democrat Party was losing supporters on his show on Friday. He claimed it all boiled down to the public needing better attorneys.

Reports show Maher cited several Democrat Party policy initiatives from recent years, including those on student loan forgiveness, illegal immigration, and universal income plans. He also demonstrated how these initiatives actively pulled people away from the party.

Maher started by referring to the recent defamation lawsuit between celebrities and ex-spouses Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, noting that if the case taught Americans anything, it was the value of having a competent lawyer. Maher suggested that one needs a competent lawyer in court. He made a parallel between having a solid legal team and a robust congressional delegation.

Video shows Maher then cited the Democrats’ permissive policies on illegal immigration as one of the reasons Congresswoman Mayra Flores (R-TX) won a special election on June 15 in her state’s 34th Congressional District. Flores had flipped a seat long controlled by Democrats.

The defeated Democrat’s campaign manager declared that they lost a reliably Democrat congressional seat for no reason at all, and they should be told the reason. Maher explained the loss: The voters no longer viewed the candidate as their attorney. Voters told the candidate that they were Americans, and the candidate should have been representing them, not the illegal aliens trespassing through their backyards.

Maher then criticized the Democrats for referring to people of Hispanic descent as “Latinx” despite studies showing those voters despise the word. But AOC repeatedly defends it by asserting that gender and language are fluid. Latino voters are fluid and are now more likely to identify as Republicans.

Maher highlighted the Democrat-led campaign for “equity,” which frequently resulted in advanced programs or achievement-based admissions rules being withdrawn from schools, noting that Asian Americans are now abandoning the Democratic Party in significant numbers.

In his show’s conclusion, Maher extended the same principle to various topics, including student loan forgiveness and the desire of parents to have their children return to school after months of lockdowns, many of which lasted longer in overwhelmingly blue cities and states.

Truth hurts, but if you accept it, everything makes sense.