Bill Maher Slams Big Tech For Being Wrong About Wuhan

( Bill Maher continues to anger the Far Left base of the Democrat Party. After launching an attack two weeks ago on Leftist outrage mobs forcing Liberal-in-good-standing Lin-Manuel Miranda to apologize, during his HBO show Real Time, this week, Maher went after the Left’s sacred cow: Big Tech.

It isn’t so much that Bill Maher has become “red-pilled” as it is Bill Maher trying to save the Democrat Party from electoral disaster.

On his show last Friday, Maher slammed Big Tech for its censoring the COVID-19 lab leak theory. But he didn’t reserve his fire just for the Big Tech giants; Maher took the World Health Organization and the CDC to task as well.

Maher specifically cited both Google and Facebook by name, excoriating Facebook for banning posts about the possibility that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was the source of the COVID pandemic. He then cited the recent Wall Street Journal article where the head of Google’s Health Division admitted that they hid any searches regarding the lab leak theory.

“Well, you were wrong,” Maher said of Google and Facebook.

Maher’s argument is people are making these searches and trying to find answers because the World Health Organization has been so corrupt. Likewise, Maher said, the CDC has been wrong “about a lot of this sh*t.” And for Google and Facebook to prevent people from doing the research themselves is equally corrupt.

Maher has been a consistent critic of both internet censorship and the media’s embrace of so-called “panic porn.”

But again, Maher isn’t being red-pilled here. His objective is to try and stop the Left, Woke Outrage Culture and Big Tech from hurting the Democrat Party. His anger comes from panic – panic that voters will get so disgusted with what is happening, they vote the Democrats out of power.

Whether they will listen to him is doubtful.

What Maher fails to grasp is the traditional Leftie Democrats of which he is one are no longer the ones steering the bus. And rather than heed his warnings, the woke leftists at the wheel are more likely to simply run him over as they continue to careen toward the cliff.