Biological Male Dominates Cycling Competition

A gender-confused man cyclist, Catherine Barnwell, dominated a race against female rivals at the Tree House CX event in Massachusetts. In another event, he finished 18th in a field of 22, beating out eight female cyclists.

An X account that keeps tabs on males competing against women in cycling shared the news, and it was met with significant condemnation. Riley Gaines, an advocate for women in sports, labeled Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey a “spineless coward” for her silence on the issue of male athletes consistently outperforming female competitors.

Other athletes include a Canadian powerlifter and a man fencer who defeated a 14-time female champion in October. The top two finishers in a women’s cycling competition in Chicago were both biological men, reigniting the issue surrounding transgender athletes. “Tessa” Johnson and “Evelyn” Williamson won first and second place in the Women’s division, respectively, in the CycloCross Cup (CCC) on October 7 in Chicago. Only one woman, Allison Zmuda, a biological female, finished in the top three of the Single Speed race and took bronze.

In accordance with USA Cycling’s Transgender Athletes Participation regulations, Chicago CrossCup participants are free to self-identify as either male or female and compete against other participants of the same gender in all races except those reserved for top athletes. Williamson and Johnson’s decision to compete in the women’s class is not illegal.

When Williamson isn’t determining which gender they want to race against, they’re busy being in a “throuple relationship” with fellow trans cyclist Austin Killips and another person. Killips has made headlines multiple times this year, first by winning a women’s race by more than five minutes and then for shoving an opponent during another race and getting away with it.

In summation, three trans cyclists are touring throughout the country, dominating women’s races, with two of whom are rumored to be romantic. A woman cyclist has been shut out of any podium appearances in their chosen sport for the foreseeable future.