Biological Men Are Now Eligible for Women’s Prize for Fiction

( The Women’s Prize for Fiction, one of the most prestigious literary prizes in the United Kingdom, is no longer the women’s prize. Over the weekend, the governing body of the award announced that anybody who legally identifies as a woman would now be eligible to win the award.

It means that biological men who transition, or who simply legally change their gender, will now be eligible to win the much-coveted prize.

Joanna Prior of the prize’s board of trustees described how the award was founded some 25 years ago to “honor, celebrate and champion women’s voices” and to “shine a spotlight on phenomenal fiction written by women.”

“Over the past quarter of a century, the prize has publicly championed and amplified a diverse breadth of women’s voices, and holds the principle of freedom of expression among its core values,” she added.

And that’s when she defended allowing biological men who identify as women being eligible for the prize.

“As a Prize which celebrates the voices of women and the experience of being a woman in all its varied forms, we are proud to include as eligible for submission full-length novels written in English by all women,” she said. “In terms and conditions, the word woman equates to a cis woman, a transgender woman, or anyone who is legally defined as a woman or of the female sex.”

So that means men can win the award. Got it.

The statement also explained how they are “firmly opposed to any form of discrimination or prejudice on the basis of race, sexuality, or gender identity,” possibly to dispel any myths that they were…Nazis?

Did anybody, anywhere, for a moment, ever think that the Women’s Prize for Fiction was a far-right neo-Nazi organization…or is this just pandering to avoid the eventuality that they were targeted by the woke social justice mob?

Incredibly, it doesn’t appear to be enough for the woke mob.

Akwaeke Emezi, the first “non-binary transgender” person to be nominated for the prize last year, has said he/she/they would not enter any novels for submission in the future because the statement said that they would only accept novels from people who are defined as a woman “by law.”

See? Nothing is ever good enough for the woke mob.

The Women’s Prize for Fiction tried and still got treated