Bizarre BIRTH – She Had NO Idea!

Of all the stunning range medical conditions that are difficult to diagnose, pregnancy is not normally among them. However, in rare instances, a surprise materializes.

Brennoi Jackson got her surprise at a Richmond, Virginia Taco Bell. Jackson works as an in-home nurse, and had departed her patient’s home for a Taco Bell food run on her patient’s behalf. On the way, she realized something was not-quite-right with her body when developed severe stomach cramps.

After a moment, the cramps passed off, but then while she was in the restaurant she was overcome by a new wave of abdominal pain and tightness. She retreated to the bathroom and sat down to catch her breath—but once she was down, she didn’t have the strength to stand back up.

At that point, she said in an interview with Richmond’s Channel 6 News, she looked down and realized that she was bleeding. She immediately pulled out her phone to ring her husband, Jamarz Jackson, who makes his living working at the VCU Medical Center.

He explained to interviewers that when he picked up the phone he heard his wife breathing heavily and crying, but not talking. He says he asked her what was wrong, and she begged him to come pick her up—she was having a medical emergency.

He kept her on the phone and started running to get to his car. Then, as he crossed in front of a Panera, he heard a gut-rending scream. He says that he was in a blind panic, begging her to say something as he ran. He heard her start repeating “Oh my God” over and over. He asked her what happened, and when she calmed down enough to speak coherently she told him:

I just had a baby.”

Jamaraz was shocked—so was Brennoi. Despite both being medical professionals, neither of them had no idea she was pregnant.

Their new daughter, Ayanna, is a welcome edition to the family. Brennoi describes her as a “dream come true.”