Black Google Employee Targeted By Security At Headquarters

( On Monday, Angel Onuoha, an associate product manager at Google, said that he was stopped by security while riding his bike around Google’s Mountainview campus.

In a tweet on Monday, Onuoha, who is black, claimed that someone at Google called security on him “because they didn’t believe I was an employee.” He said he was escorted by two security guards who later confiscated his ID badge and told him to call security if he had a problem with it.

Another Google employee responded to Onuoha’s tweets claiming that he too had been a victim of racial discrimination while employed as a security guard for Google. This man alleged that while he was getting lunch, he got a radio call about a suspicious individual in the lunch room. Turned out, the suspicious individual he was looking for was him.

A spokesperson for Google said that the company is taking Onuoha’s “concerns” seriously and they are looking into the incident. The spokesperson reiterated that Google’s goal is ensuring every employee “experiences Google as an inclusive workplace” and that the company “create a stronger sense of belonging for all employees.” (Unless they are conservative.)

After the in-custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis sparked nationwide riots, Google pledged to double the number of black people they employ by 2025. The company also committed to increasing the number of senior-level employees from “underrepresented groups” by 30 percent in the same time frame.

And because racial bean-counting matters to Google, it recently bragged that 2020 was its best year yet when it comes to hiring black people. Among the people the company hired in the US last year, Google was proud to boast that 8.8 percent of them identify as “Black+.”

Black plus what? Who knows?

But the racial bean counters still have work today. According to Google’s 2021 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion report, only 4.4 percent of Google total workforce identify as “Black+.” Of those, only 3 percent of “leadership roles” are filled by “Black+” people.

Perhaps if Google’s non-black (or non-black+) employees stopped calling security on the black folks, they’d have better success in boosting that percentage.