BLM Activists Call For Hunting Down George Zimmerman

( After Black Lives Matter successfully intimidated the entire world, and potentially the jury, into condemning former police officer Derek Chauvin after the death of George Floyd, left-wing activists are now insisting that George Zimmerman be hunted down.

Zimmerman was very much the Derek Chauvin of 2013. He was ultimately acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old Black American who was shot by 28-year-old Zimmerman in self-defense, but far-left activists insisted that it was cold-blooded murder…and a racist one at that.

Never mind that Zimmerman is Hispanic.

So, now that Derek Chauvin has been found guilty after Black Lives Matter made it virtually impossible for the jury to say anything otherwise, far-left activists have taken to Twitter to call for Zimmerman to be hunted down and killed.

“George Zimmerman is still running around like he’s pac,” one account said. “Someone needs to off his head.”

It prompted a response from another user, named @RossAlmighty, who said, “woodchipper, feet first.”

These days, it’s probably not surprising to most people that far-left and Black Lives Mater activists advocate for violence.

“Someone down there in FL should have smoked his ass,” another Twitter user said in response to a tweet reading, “NOW GET GEORGE ZIMMERMAN NEXT.”

The disturbing comments reveal just how far the United States has come in terms of the perception of “Justice.” For a country founded on the rule of law to now consider mob justice more important – even when a man has already been found innocent – is quite a decline.

It also indicates that Twitter isn’t properly enforcing its own rules. The social media platform famously permanently banned former President Donald Trump in the wake of the January 6 riot in Washington, D.C., falsely claiming that he had advocated violence.

Meanwhile, far-left activists continue to encourage violence against Zimemrman.

“We still ain’t forgot about that bitch George Zimemrman,” another account said. “Where that piece of sh*t at.”

“With all the crazy shit Florida do,still don’t know how they allowed George Zimmerman to live,” another said.

Why won’t Twitter enforce its own anti-violence policies?