BLM Leader Slapped With Serious Charges For Toppling Statue

( Black Lives Matter leaders in the UK who oversaw the destruction of a statue during a protest are now being accused of severe felonies, including fraud.

Bristol World reported on Friday that Xahra Saleem, a co-founder of All Black Lives Bristol and a BLM organizer in the UK, will appear in court in January to address allegations of two counts of fraud by abuse of position.

This follows the disappearance of the organization’s crowdfunding campaign funds, which were supposed to benefit the London-based nonprofit BristBLM for Changing Your Mindset.

Saleem was one of the organizers of the Black Lives Matter demonstration in Bristol in June 2020 that destroyed the statue of the slave trader and 17th-century businessman Edward Colston.

British landmarks were routinely damaged and defaced throughout the riots. The most flagrant instance included the destroyed Winston Churchill statue in London’s Parliament Square, which was closed in anticipation of protests.

At this point, it probably shouldn’t surprise anyone that another BLM movement leader has been charged with fraud. This has turned into a trademark of the movement.

Several Black Lives Matter leaders have faced criticism for misusing finances and abusing their positions during the last two years.

The most extreme instance involved Patrisse Colours, a co-founder of BLM, who was forced to leave the organization in May 2021 after discovering that she had spent millions on expensive homes in Georgia and California.

However, Colours is by no means the only BLM organizer to have to deal with these charges. After accusing the BLM activist Sir Maejor Page of stealing money from accounts connected to the BLM and using it to buy weapons, clothing, and an Ohio home, the FBI detained him in September 2020.

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, the organization’s charity, had its charitable status put in jeopardy in March of this year after it broke IRS regulations.

In September, Shalomyah Bowers, the charity’s director, was charged with embezzling $10 million. It’s time for all donations to cease funding this dishonest charity.