BLM Vandalized Elvis Presley’s Graceland Mansion With “Eat The Rich” Slogan

( Black Lives Matter took the fight for “justice” to the legendary Graceland Mansion, the home the late Elvis Presley. Yes, the Elvis Presley.

On Tuesday night, extremist protesters sprayed graffiti on the mansion, with slogans like “Defund MPD,” “Black Lives Matter,” and “Eat the Rich.” It wasn’t just a little bit of graffiti that could easily be removed, though. The damage done to the home will cost an estimated $150,000 to repair.

The mansion is more than just the home of a rich dead guy. One, it’s Elvis, and two, it’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The mansion is now a museum where people come from all over the world to learn about Elvis Presley’s life. Presley built the home and owned it until he passed away in 1977. Presleys’ daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, is both the owner and the caretaker of the building, and recently oversaw extensive renovations work to keep the house in good condition.

Presley’s history is a big part of American history, and the museum is wildly popular. It’s unclear whether the protesters really knew what they were doing, or if they just saw a big mansion and decided to vandalize it.

Images of the graffiti – which is seriously extensive – were shared by Sheila O’Connor from Fox 13. It showed the extent of the damage done to the exterior walls of the mansion.

The mansion can be found in Memphis, Tennessee, which has seen its fair share of Black Lives Matter violence following the death of George Floyd. The violence has been so bad that Memphis has been one of the main targets for Operation Legend, a plan to give extra resources to police departments to deal with far-left violence. The city received 40 federal agents in July as part of Operation Legend to control the violence, but protesters have persisted.